Saturday, June 5, 2010

Letters to my Love

The moment I saw your tears, my heart broken into one thousand pieces, God spoke to me instantly beside my ears. How could you do this to them? If you could have try harder or put more effort, have less entertainment, they wouldnt ended like this today. My heart was so heavy I almost broke down just now. When was the last time I laugh with you guys, when was the last time I share my thoughts with you guys, when was the last time we do stupid stuff together? Cannot! There must have a change, this thing couldnt go on, this behaviour this attitude must go away from me.
Lord, before I in front of them I come before You and seek for Your forgiveness. I am just not that wonderful after all. I need You desperately, I need more and more and more of You, I need nothing of myself. Break me into one thousand pieces and mold me from the begining. Start me from soil.

For you guys:
Joanne: you are always my best one in this team, I appreciate every effort you made, thanks for being so understand of me all the time and be my 1st man in this team.
WeiLin: forgive me for being so strict to you sometimes, I think this is my way of leadership, but allow me to learn k, I will have a more tender heart, you are just like my little brother. Thanks for being there for me whenever we need you in this team.
KKK: brother, I appreciate ur effort in this CG, the heart of willingness inside you is the thing I could nvr able to learn from u. Time to rise d brother, Gambateh !
JiaJun: hei man, do not ever feel that you are tiny and little k, I see your changes lately, you getting better and better, time to rise up and be a strong army of God. I believe you can do better than me.
Zuyin: Zuzu, one of my favourite in this family. The cute and naughty one. But yet the most understandable, considerable and tolerant one in my heart. One thing u have to remember, do not ever ever and ever let go even if you couldnt see robin, joanne, weilin along with you. Jesus is your everything, we are nothing to you zu. Hard time will train you become a tough warrior, still remember I have a vision on you? one day you gonna speak to thousands on stage and telling them how Jesus change ur life. Your life is based on a true love story written by God. Anyhow, you're still our little rabbit. Love you =)
Jasmine: Baby Jas, haha. I like ur sincere, you smile when you happy you weep when you sad. Anyhow, we like the way you are, there might be obstacles or objection that pulling u away from God, but in faith I see you can overcome it, you had a strong a mighty heart of determination inside you, all you need is a little bit more faith pepper and passion juice. You can do it sis, God has a great plan in your life, stay close with Him to find out, and you will feel like heaven everyday.
Richard: Bro, God is changing you, you going to experience a life changing like never before soon, continue to grab on, I can see u with us in this revival train.
Queenie: hei, our youngest baby in this family, the bible said that do not say i am too young but go to whomever I sent you and say whatever I tell you. Its time to do serious shit in this team, for the past let it be the past. You are different now ! Love you sis. =)

I learn more from you guys than you guys had learn from me. Forgive me if I had made something wrong or anything made you guys felt so uncomfortable. I love each and everyone of you, if possible I would like to go and hug u all. Its war time, buckle up and ready to rock and roll ! let's go and do some stupid stuff after the war =)

With Tons of Love
Robin Ooi
[your cutest ever CYC 28T CG Leader]

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You anD mE

Nice song from a talented girl- Olivia Ong

YOU and ME
Taking a trip down memory lane
Things have changed
One thing remains
That they will always have each other

And even though those days have gone
They know here is where they belong
There's some kinda magic in the air
Feel the warmth
That only summer breezes can bring
Sweet little notes of spring begin
Nothing to fear 

Taking one step at a time
Walking hand in hand 
One two three four Cheek to cheek 
And they're learning 
How to do that dance  
Let this love be forevermore they say 
I wish for this 
To be true for you and me 

Holding her close 
He leading the way 
Out at the park 
Enjoying the day 
And you can tell they'll be ok
Feel the warmth
That only summer breezes can bring
Sweet little notes of spring begin
Nothing to fear 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Miracle do really happens when you are one step closer

I think its time for me to make this officially, first all have to thank everyone that keep me in prayer, I believe that I've been blessed all these while. I got my last semester result from TAR College yesterday. Actually I've been worrying about it ever since after the exam. There's 1 little subject which the peoples called it Business Economics is kinda tough for me, honestly I didnt really manage it well, in my own term I could just give a 50 50, no confident to pass. And on the other hand, I'm rushing to get into the Feb intake for my Degree Programme. In order for me to get into the programme I need to pass all my diploma paper which the result I only can get it on 2nd week of March.

The first miracle was one day [degree orientation day] I called the admission office and brief them on my situation and they say they need some time to process and evaluate my case. On the evening I got a call from them and they offer me a conditional acceptance, thank God. But since its a conditional, they require me to pass all my papers which I could say I'm walking in faith in the past 2 weeks. I attended the orientation, going through all the administration protocol, pay the registration fees and I even attended classes which might have the possibilities that no need to attend after second week of March. Trust me, the pass 2 weeks for me is like walking across the river on a stick, a single mistake might cause me into the water.

Not until 8th March, after my morning class I called up Liew to check on my result which is on the Tarc intranet, after a moment she called back and says "congratulation Mr.Ooi, you've completed ur diploma in Tarc you are granted into your Uni Programme ", I felt like shouting at that moment, but is just because I'm still in the class and I barelly know. This was the second miracle.

The third one was just a few minutes right after the second, when I am still wondering and shouting in my heart there was a plummy guy pass by my eye sight and it looks familiar. Gosh, I met my diploma classmate. Finally I met someone I know in my course which solve my aloneness in the class.

Thank God and everyone for all the things He provide and for all the prayer you guys had said, I've been experiencing Him ever since I step a one step closer into Him. Miracles do really happens when you are one step closer deeper and into Him. I'm going for 100% loan from the Gov bodies cause this Uni is ain't an affortable institute, do keep me in prayer. Appreciate it very much.

Robin Ooi
9th March
ICT Lab-Taylors University College[Lakeside Campus]

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Dear Jesus:

I want to see a Change in my life, therefore I've made some changes !

A discipline ways in managing daily life routine, increase the matureness of dealing with things and people, have a better attitude in handling task and assignments, a patient heart like people waiting for a harvest, clean hand and pure heart that go right after His heart, a humble and servanthood heart for His service.

With Love

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photo Updates for Kuantan Trip

Jalan Sehala Yesus !

midnight going to the beach, 7 of us manage to stuck into an accord, how great !

Munsuet: R we there yet?
Robin: On the way
WeiEn: r we there?
Robin: On the way
SzeMin: r we....
Robin: Shut up ! still ON the way, so this photo is on the way !
We are here !! Reach there late so not manage to go play at the beach and the wave is strong that day
Group photo before leaving the city
This is to prove that kb, szemin, sirmun, robin, sze kit, weilin, weien, munsuet been to Kuantan

The guys, how charm are they !

A typical Joanne Mah pose

Inside the hotel, nice bed and clean environment and cheap and new.
12am at the Teluk Cempedak beach, the wave is strong that night

Heading back to the hotel at 01am

Apparently I am not the darkest among all

Got a cut on my leg, wei en is dettolizing my wound and this is how I react

Robin Ooi's crocs was here.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Jesus LOVE Beach tOO !!

Just back from Kuatan, Pahang with bunch of closemates. Chilling, relaxing, refreshing trip we had, and we done some super cooool stuff at the beach !!

Jesus Love FGA CYC ! awwwww
Jesus Love The Beach, cool !!
Jesus Love the cameraman WeiLin

Jesus Love the kid - Robin!
Biggest among the three- LOVE
Faith comes after LoVE
There's always a Hope in the end !!

CYC Service tomorrow, more photo to uploads =)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Greeting Around the Globe

Joanne Mah at Kangsar, Perak
Jasmine Lip at Gopeng, Perak
Kien Been at Teluk Intan, Perak
Zu Yin at Teluk Intan, Perak
Yen Ee at TaiPing, Perak
Jia Qi at Taiping, Perak
Richard Mah at Taiping, Perak
Robin Ooi at Langkap, Perak
Ying Ying at Kampar, Perak
Fong Peng at Kampar, Perak
Ah Tian at Kampar, Perak
Cassie at Ipoh, Perak
Wei Lin at Mentakap, Pahang
Wan Wen at Mentakap, Pahang
HowHow at Mentakap, Pahang
Yuan Ning at Mentakap, Pahang
Chui Boon at Mentakap, Pahang
Sze Min at Mentakap, Pahang
Sze Kit at Mentakap, Pahang
Wei En at Melaka
Iain Soh at Melaka
JingPei at Johor Bahru
Annie See at Johor Bahru
Wen Ping at Johor Bahru
HengJing Gor and Xiao Yan Jie at Sarawak
Ps Jonathan and family at Perlis
Jonathan Chin at Hong Kong
Pik Yin at Taipei, Taiwan
Ashley Mah at Newcastle, UK
Jasmine Teh at Minnesota, US

Wish you guys have a prosperity Chinese New year and a sweet Valentine !!